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Conference hashtags, including #COP21 and #COP21Paris The second most popular Instagram hashtags used with Parisagreement General search terms and hashtags for the oil and gas industry, e.B. #oilandgas and #natgas Best Parisian consensus hashtags popular on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr: Not sure which hashtags to use for climate change? These 56s are often used with the word “climate change”: for the COP21 conversation, the main @mentioned Twitter accounts were the official @cop21 conference account, followed by US President Barack Obama (@potus), French President François Hollande (@fhollande) and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (@narendramodi). The more than 2.4 million posts had a reach of 26 billion potential impressions, as calculated by Crimson Hexagon software. The activist #climatemarch hashtag was among the top 10 hashtags. Terms and conditions and hashtags for selling fossil fuels #keepitintheground and #divestforParis For example, the hashtags #natgas (short for “natural gas”) and #shalegas (a reference to the shale rock formations from which gas is drilled) mean the same thing, but had almost exactly opposite proportions of pro- and anti-shale tweets. A majority #natgas tweets supported the development of shale oil, while #shalegas tweets were more negative for the industry, according to our analysis. In addition, the conversation about the general hashtag #fracking at Global Frackdown 2013 was largely made up of activists who spoke to each other with little commitment from the industry. Climate change in general, without the terms of COP 21, with hashtags #climate and #climatechange. Nevertheless, it is crucial to overcome strategic interests and partisan divisions in order to gain collective support for an agreement at the summit.

Climate activists and energy stakeholders would do well to engage each other in a dialogue on social platforms when the Paris Climate Change Conference enters its second week. The current president of France has made diplomatic progress in his international Paris agreement, as well as in economic agreements with 20 companies that are phasing out their use of coal. Global Climate March Search terms and hashtags in English, French and Spanish – #climatemarch, #marchaporelclima and #marcheclimat This research on transnational anti-fracturing activism shows segmented “hashtag audiences” of activists and industry supporters who don`t talk to each other. They used different hashtags, which essentially led to two parallel conversations on Twitter. 22.04.2000 Earth Day 22. April 2000: Earth Day, which is the first time that the Internet has been used as the main mechanism for organizing an environmentally focused event. 15.02.2003 Anti-war demonstrations 15 February 2003: Anti-war demonstrations; in particular, the largest international protest against the struggle in Iraq, fueled by the desire of several countries to control oil exports. 04.05.2006 Documentary “Inconvenient Truth” Published on 4 May 2006: Al Gore releases a shocking documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, about the dangers of climate change. 22.04.2007 Biggest Earth Day ever held 22 April 2007: Biggest day on Earth to date with thousands of simultaneous participation venues. 21.09.2014 People`s Climate March (New York) 21 September 2014: Popular Climate March in New York with 400,000 participants. 12.12.2015 Adoption of the Paris Agreement 12.

December 2015: Adoption of the Paris Agreement – an international agreement in which nations share the collective responsibility to reduce humanity`s impact on the environment. 22.04.2017 March for Science 22 April 2017: March for Science 29.04.2017 Popular March for Climate (2017) 29 April 2017: Popular March for Climate with 200,000 participants. 01.06.2017 US WITHDRAWAL from the Paris Agreement 1 June 2017: President Donald Trump withdraws from the Paris Agreement. 08.10.2018 United Nations IPCC Report 8 October 2018: United Nations IPCC Special Report on Rising Global Temperatures. 01.11.2018 Friday for the Future protests 1 November 2018: Friday`s protests for the future, inspired by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, have started internationally. 15.03.2019 Global climate strike for the future 15. March 2019: Global Climate Strike for the Future In the 2000s, climate change efforts spread with controversy and reaction activism in the mainstream media. The first international law to promote the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions was adopted in 1997, when the United Nations Kyoto Protocol was adopted by 23 countries, including the United States. This commitment limited emissions of six greenhouse gases. This agreement was ratified in Bonn in 2003.

[۱۴] Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is now one of the most prominent climate activists. Various social media analytics tools rank it among the best influencers for #ClimateChange and #GlobalWarming hashtags. [37] In this tweet, he expresses his support for the school strike, which was promoted on social media via the hashtag FridaysForFuture. [38] DiCaprio also posted direct calls to action to politicians on climate issues via its social media accounts, particularly Twitter. Offline, he has participated in many climate marches. Watch Instagram photos and videos to #parisagreement Instant and effective hashtags for photos and text, directly on any website December 12, 2015: Adoption of the Paris Agreement – an international agreement where nations share the collective responsibility to reduce humanity`s impact on the environment. It`s been more than a year since Trump announced he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, the United Nations` global agreement in which countries commit to mitigating and reporting their climate impacts. [1] “Climate Change: An Introduction”. Campaign against Climate Change, 1 March 2019, [2] Reuters. “Why India is most threatened by climate change.” World Economic Forum,

[۳] Goldenberg, Suzanne. “Climate change: it is the poor who will suffer the most.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 31 March 2014, [4] Skuce, Andy. . . .

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