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When PSA members gather in the workplace, they can negotiate better wages and conditions – and the more members there are, the better the result. Under the Employment Relations Act 2000, there are two types of employment contracts: individual employment contracts and collective agreements. Collective agreements shall indicate the date of their entry into force. You may indicate that different parts of the Agreement will come into force at different times. If no date is specified, it will enter into force on the day the last party signs it. You can call or email the PSA at any time during normal business hours. In most cases, our organization center can give you the advice you need or put you in touch with a PSA organizer who is an employment expert. . A collective labour agreement expires, with a few exceptions, on the earlier date of its specified expiry date or 3 years after its entry into force. A person bound by a collective labour agreement may also agree with his employer to have additional individual conditions.

Any additional terms and conditions: Collective bargaining contains more information about individual terms and conditions and agreement options. Some members do not have a collective agreement in their workplace or their occupation is not covered by the collective agreement. In these cases, PSA helps members negotiate a fair individual agreement with their employer. There will likely be a collective agreement for PSA members in your workplace. It was negotiated by the PSE with your employer and sets out your rights and terms and conditions of employment. When the collective agreement to which the employee is bound expires or the employee leaves the union: A collective labour agreement is the formal employment contract that is ratified and signed after collective bargaining. The agreement defines the terms and conditions of employment of trade union members whose work is covered by the cover clause of the agreement. Non-unionized members may bargain collectively with one or more employers, but their negotiations cannot result in a collective labour agreement, but only in identical or very similar individual employment contracts. . Collective agreements are renegotiated regularly, usually every two years. You have your say here. PSA members meet with their delegates and the PSA organiser to decide on priorities for improving wages and working conditions.

THE EPS is a strong and credible voice for public sector workers, speaking out publicly and representing members` interests to policymakers and government. Collective labour agreements are negotiated by registered trade unions (representing workers who are members of the union) and employers. Workers who are unionized and covered by the collective bargaining clause must be included in the collective agreement. A framework for a collective agreement and a number of draft clauses. Transfer of the terms of the collective agreement to individual employment contracts. If the employer offers individual terms to the employee, the employer must negotiate in good faith, and the employee must have the time and opportunity to seek independent advice, just as when an employer offers an individual employment contract to an employee. The PPE is designed to ensure that members are treated fairly at work and to protect hard-earned terms and conditions of employment. In the event of a problem at work, you benefit from the free support and, if necessary, services of our legal team. Collective labour agreements are agreements between employers and registered trade unions that cover employees at the employer`s workplace. Individual employment contracts are negotiated by an employer and an employee; You should discuss the terms and conditions of employment in detail and include them in the employment contract before the employee starts working.

There are minimum rights and rights that must be fulfilled, even if they are not in the employment contract or if the contract has a lower claim. Employee`s individual employment contract: A collective agreement runs until the previous 12-month date or until the employee`s replacement if the union or employer enters into negotiations before the expiry date. Employment contracts contain more information about individual employment contracts. Most workplaces have a network of PSA delegates. .

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